Get Out of the Gym If You’re Bored!

Get Out of the Gym If You're Bored!

Are you bored with weights and treadmills? Do you feel that you lack time to formally exercise at a gym? This describes a lot of people. You may even feel as if you don’t have enough time to enjoy your favorite hobbies. There seems to be a solution here…you can turn your hobby into your workout. Make it a priority; it’ll be fun and you’ll notice results, body and mind.

Start photographing
Nature photography will give you the best workout and fresh air. Outdoor events are another option. Don’t even worry about having a professional camera–you can even use your mobile phone.

Go dancing
Did you know that you can burn up to 443 calories in an hour by participating in aerobic dance. This could mean a night out at a club, or a new weekend swing dancing class.

Make your house chores a workout
Isn’t it odd (but it’s true), that research shows about one third of women secretly enjoy cleaning? It can be therapeutic. Maybe you already keep a neat house. In that case, go for a deep cleaning routine.

Take a pole dancing lesson
Pole dancing isn’t just for strippers. It is an incredible workout that requires your entire body. This can make you feel sexy and confident, and is probably much more than any workout you’d find at the gym.

Discover your green thumb
It’s such a wonderful feeling to grow your own food. And, it’s quite a workout. Maybe you want a flower garden that impresses the neighbors, or you would  like to be outside more. Whatever your reason, it’s a great hobby that you can take as far as you’d like.

Spend more time with your dog
Dogs need exercise, too. Make it a point to go out and play with your dog more. Or, maybe you have more free time and are seeking work. Well, start out slow and build a dog-walking business of your own! Ask your friends to join; they’ll be glad to spend time with you and get a little workout in.

Get in the kitchen and cook
Use this opportunity to learn new recipes or try out new cuisines. Take a sushi cooking class or learn how to chop vegetables the right way. You can burn calories by moving around in the kitchen, and you’ll have more home cooked, healthy meals.

Now that you’ve learned about some potential calorie-burning hobbies, you get the point. If you already enjoy a hobby or have been interested in taking one on, they can apply towards your fitness goals, too.


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