Simple Habits For a Better Weight Loss Routine

Simple Habits For a Better Weight Loss Routine

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll find a lot of information out there and it can get pretty complicated, leaving you wondering which diet to follow.  You don’t necessarily have to follow a diet plan to lose weight, but there are some habits you’d be better off changing.  Here are a few simple tips to get you started:

Make a food journal

This will remind you, on a daily basis, what you’re putting into your body.  It doesn’t have to track calories or fat grams– it’s just there to keep you aware of your habits.  It’s also good to know how hungry you are before meals and how you feel after eating.  Jot down any emotions you might notice attached to your food choices or meals.

Get most carbs from fruits and vegetables

Make it a habit to eat more fruits and vegetables and cut down on or eliminate processed carbohydrates.  Think carrots and apples, and less pasta and bread.  And, when you’re looking at your veggies, it’s wise to choose darker and greener, as they tend to be more nutrient dense. Iceberg lettuce isn’t going to help as much as kale. Kale’s really popular (easy to find) now, too.

Eat more whole food proteins

When you’re looking to lose weight and be healthier it’s important to eat your food rather than drink it.  This involves chewing your food, which is important for digestion and awareness of when your body is full.  Rather than grabbing protein bars, choose nutrient dense proteins; if you are a meat eater that could mean chicken and if you’re looking for plant-based protein, you can choose a type of nut or legume.

Don’t be afraid of fat

Healthy and high quality fats are very nutrient dense and important for our health and weight loss.  They keep us satisfied and help us absorb the nutrients from our food.  Try to include healthy fats in all of your meals; maybe a few slices of avocado with your favorite dish, or some peanut butter on a banana.  Making a stir fry with olive oil is also a delicious option.

Lower your alcohol intake and drink more water

You must keep hydrated for general health, especially when you have a goal to lose weight.  Try to keep balance of your electrolytes; for example, add honey, lemon juice, or sea salt to your water if you notice that your urine is clear.  You don’t want to deplete yourself.

Eating to lose weight is definitely not easy. Hopefully, combined with the foods that are right for your body, some of these tips will help you reach your goal more smoothly.


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