Little Known Facts About the Paleo Lifestyle

Little Known Facts About the Paleo Lifestyle

You’ve probably heard of the Paleo diet or have even tried it yourself.  It’s only gaining popularity and is more of a lifestyle than a diet.  The Paleo diet includes foods that were available to Paleolithic human beings and avoids foods that were not, such as refined sugars, most dairy, legumes, grains and processed foods.  Here are a few interesting facts about the Paleo lifestyle that may surprise you:

There’s more than one type of Paleo diet

Different types of Paleo diets include the Caveman Diet, Primal Diet or Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) diet.  Although a lot of folks choose to forgo dairy completely and only eat unprocessed foods, some are not as strict and eat certain types of dairy, such as full-fat yogurt.  Different variations work for different individuals.

The Paleo lifestyle is not just about diet

It’s a decision to change your life for the better.  You become more aware about different aspects of your life because you’re more conscious about your food choices.  This consciousness spreads to areas of your life such as how much stress you’re experiencing, how much outdoor time you make for yourself, and anything else that makes up your free time.  For example, Chef Pete Evans, author of The Paleo Chef, says he makes it a point to take a swim in the ocean every morning in order to begin his day refreshed.

Paleo food is attainable for anybody

While buying organic and unprocessed foods can be costly, it’s possible for “people all over the world”, according to Evans.  Shopping at local co-ops, farmers markets and buying bulk items can lower the costs.

You can transition to Paleo smoothly

Transitioning in steps is recommended, as cutting out dairy, sugar and wheat can be difficult all at once. For example, you might stop consuming refined sugars for a month, and then eliminate dairy and wheat. Staying away from these foods will give you increased energy over time and you’ll be unlikely to crave them anymore.

The Paleo lifestyle is for physical and mental health

Forgoing modern food products will ultimately enhance all bodily functions, including cognitive performance and digestion.  Fats such as ketones can optimize mental performance, while sugar and gluten (both inflammatory ingredients) tell the brain to run on glucose, rather than ketones. It’s a lifestyle that helps the entire person.


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