Don’t Let a Little Weight Gain Discourage You from Quitting Cigarettes

Young woman breaking cigarette over white background

A big worry, especially among those who gain weight more easily, is whether they’ll gain weight after they quit smoking.  It makes sense because smoking is often a habit people pick up to fill a certain void, so when smoking stops, eating takes its place.  It’s common to gain some weight after quitting smoking. Not only because food is sometimes used as a replacement, but because cigarettes activate metabolism. A pack of cigarettes smoked daily can burn approximately 250 calories.  The combination of a slower metabolism and more calories to burn, can make it easier to gain a few.

The health benefits received after quitting smoking far outweigh the cons of a few extra pounds gained. People often become discouraged when they see they’ve gained a couple of pounds during the first few of weeks and start smoking again.  They think the pounds won’t stop adding up.  There are some steps that can be taken to lessen nicotine cravings and prevent weight gain. Read on to learn a few.

Drink a lot of water 

It’s pretty common to hear the recommendation eight, 8 oz glasses of water every day.  Well, now you have even more of an excuse to start listening. You are keeping your hands busy and filling yourself up when you drink water.

Choose healthier snack options

It’s good to try to be able to go without eating every time you feel bored, but make sure if that happens, you have some healthy choices.  Sliced fresh fruits and vegetables are a good idea.  Pistachios are good because they keep your hands busy and taste delicious, but make sure to limit your consumption.

Be prepared for cravings

Make sure that your healthy snacks are prepared and available when you need them.

Be physically active

If you keep eating healthy foods and you exercise, you’ll be rewarded with a slimmer waistline and the fact that you no longer smoke.

Live by the example of ex-smokers

Many who quit smoking attend therapy or support groups and use nicotine replacement patches or gum. Talk with your doctor and find out whether this can also be covered, at least partially, by your insurance plan.

Don’t get discouraged and be prepared for challenges

If you tough it out for the first couple of weeks, chances are you’ll make it.  If you look at the scale and see you’ve gained a few pounds, don’t give up–your metabolism will eventually become even.  You have this!


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