How to Break Free from a Weight Loss Plateau


You’ve worked really hard, eaten all the right foods, and watched the pounds drop. It’s exciting when you see all of your hard work paying off. Then, the seemingly inevitable weight loss plateau kicks in.  It appears that you’re doing everything you can.  How could you possibly work any harder?  Weight loss plateaus are normal and there are ways you can get out of them.  Take a look at these strategies for pushing beyond the plateau, and see what you think.

Imagine yourself where you want to be

Maybe you’re at a special event and wearing the perfect dress you couldn’t fit into before or you’re seeing yourself at the beach, feeling more confident in your bathing suit.  It’s not all about appearances, and it’s certainly crucial to keep in mind that excess weight is not healthy.  Don’t become a victim of yo-yo dieting, which is also unhealthy.  Make a commitment and keep a vision of the end result.

Log your food intake

Use a food diary (or create one) to log all of the food you’re eating.  You need to be aware of your habits and this is a good tool for that.  You might even find it helpful to record your mood during snack and meal times and try to identify craving triggers.

Notice a calorie increase

After you’re on a specific diet plan for a while, if you’re not paying attention to your portion sizes, they can easily become larger than necessary.  Try to cut calories by 100-200 less per day to push yourself beyond the plateau.  Try things like eating high fiber breakfasts that fill you up longer, replacing cookies and other sweets with fruits and vegetables and eating veggies on your pizza instead of meat.

Be careful at restaurants

The portion sizes are often humungous and we tend to overeat.  Try ordering a side or an appetizer instead of an entree sometimes.

Eat low fat protein

Protein foods suppress ghrelin, a hormone that’s secreted by the stomach and triggers appetite.  Make sure you’re eating some low fat protein to help manage hunger pangs.

Eat more produce

Stock up on plenty of fruits and vegetables and stop giving meat the majority of your plate.  The U.S. government’s dietary guidelines recommend 7-13 cups of produce daily.

Put more into it

If your workout routine involves walking on a treadmill for an extended period, that might have been great in the beginning, but now you need to kick it up a notch.  Try more of an incline or a faster pace.

Use a pedometer

Make yourself a daily step goal and wear a pedometer, putting in on before you start your day, to keep track of your progress.

Practice yoga

Stress eating is a way to binge eat junk foods to ease your emotions.  Studies have shown that yoga lowers levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity…this tells your body to skip storing food as fat and use it for fuel instead.


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