Common Ideas That Keep Us from Losing Weight


There are many reasons why a person might be overweight; therefore, it’s not a good idea to jump to conclusions, assuming everyone’s weight loss journey will be the same.  When you seem to be doing the best you can and still can’t lose a few pounds, there may be some ideas on your mind about what you’re supposed to be (or not be) doing.  Read on to learn about some of the false ideas a lot of us hold.

You must starve yourself

Actually, the less food we consume, the more our bodies try to conserve the calories it receives. Then, we’re deprived of energy and not burning fat.  This is definitely not the intention.  Just remember, the body produces energy with fuel made up of food, oxygen and water.  It needs nourishment to serve us well.

Don’t eat after 6 pm

It’s true that the body takes longer to digest food when it’s asleep, but when it’s awake it converts it into the same amount of energy as when it’s asleep.  The rule that you shouldn’t eat past 6pm comes from a time when people weren’t as savvy about metabolism and nutritional science.  Eating after 6 is okay as long as you’re not planning on going to bed immediately after.

Choose reduced and non-fat foods

There’s a belief that eating fat is what makes you heavy — it’s been an assumption in the minds of many dieters for the past 20 years or so.  There is a hint of truth to this, as fat does have calories.  But, the myth ignores the body’s ability to regulate itself.  Our body will know the difference when we eat a low/non-fat food or a ‘regular’ food.  It’s likely we’ll feel more full after eating less of the ‘regular’ food item.

Carbs are the enemy

Cutting carbs out of a diet for weight loss success seems appealing to some just based on the feeling that it’s a simple solution–an answer to end all weight loss woes.  But, there are so many different types of carbs that carry multiple levels of digestibility.  There’s an entire spectrum of carbs from the crappy (corn syrup) to the healthy (brown rice).  It doesn’t take a nutritional scientist to understand that corn syrup isn’t a health food. On the other hand, brown rice can be a food that helps shed pounds.  It’s rich in fiber and very filling.

Never eat fast food/stop snacking

This isn’t a logical solution to weight loss.  The key is to eat in moderation.  Keep enjoying what you did before, just don’t overeat.  For long-lasting success, you don’t want to feel as if you’re not allowed to have certain foods.

Exercise alone will work

It’s crucial to have a balance of healthy diet and exercise.  It’s unwise to think you can exercise and then eat whenever you want.  In order for workouts to be worth anything, muscle strength is needed.  Feeding the body properly makes it possible to exercise and receive health benefits.


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