Clean, Plant-Based Fats Are Easy Additions to Any Diet

Closeup of Sunflower Seeds

Being on a plant-based (vegan) diet isn’t always as healthful as people assume.  After all, potato chips are often vegan.  You get the point.  We all need fat in our diets, but not of the potato chip variety.  Better luck with weight control, low cholesterol and a positive mood are partially dependent on us consuming enough good fats.  Toss out the idea that a low fat diet is the key to success.  Pay attention to the delicious, nourishing fats your body needs.  Here are some excellent, clean, plant-based fats you might look into if you haven’t already.


These are a magnificent, portable, healthy source of fat.  You can add them to salads, breads and just about anything else.  Or, eat them alone or in a trail mix. Saviseeds, which can be found in many health food shops, are the highest source of omega 3, period.  Runners up are chia, hemp and sunflower seeds.


Fortunately, nuts are a very portable food, too.  They’re the opposite of potato chips (other than the fact they’re both tasty) because they’re filling and healthy.  Nuts are excellent for a vegan diet because they are high in protein and monounsaturated fats; incredibly heart healthy.  Brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds are some of the best picks.  Of course, nut butters are also a delicious, healthy option.


They’re delicious in guacamole, sliced on toast, in puddings, and just about any way they can be eaten.  Avocados are filled with monounsaturated, healthy fats.  Again, this clean, plant-based fat is filling.

Coconut oil

It smells good, tastes good, and takes on any temperature.  Scientists have recently discovered that coconut oil is an excellent source of medium chain triglycerides–which are not stored in the stomach and turn to fuel in the liver.


It’s fairly common knowledge that pure, dark chocolate can be good for you.  Not sugary, gooey candy bars that are often filled with other not-so-good-for-you ingredients.  Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and monounsaturated fat.  It’s great for cholesterol!  Hey, this is another healthy fat you can add to your trail mix. There are so many clean, plant-based options to fill you up and keep you energized and healthy!


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