Simple Ways to Get an Energy Boost without Snacking


Often, when our energy starts to plummet, we grab the closest, most sugary and carb-loaded snack possible, or we’re tempted to do so. These high-calorie temptations might seem like an easy, quick fix, but after a while, you’ll notice weight gain and possible issues with digestion and stress.  This is not a fix at all.  It’s important to learn of ways we can increase our energy without always reaching for a snack. There are several options:

Drink tea or water
Sometimes when we experience a sort of “brain fog” it can be caused by the fact that we’re actually dehydrated.  We need enough water to function properly and comfortably. Decaffeinated herbal teas are great alternatives, too, especially if you prefer a little flavor. Caffeinated coffee consumption (which is commonly used for fatigue) can lead to an unpleasant crash.

Get outside and take a walk
Fresh air, sun and moving around can be enough natural medicine to get your blood pumping (you’ll feel better and more energized, that is).

Do some light yoga
With some stretching, arms over head and back arched, you can get your blood flowing.  Backbends in yoga are said to be energizing.

Do some deep breathing exercises
Deep, long breaths that include forceful inhaling can help wake you up by restoring oxygen.  On the other hand, when we don’t breath deeply enough or delay our breaths, we decrease oxygen levels which weakens our focus and thinking.

Make sure to get enough shut-eye
Let adequate sleep be the foundation of your energy remedies.  Or, health in general.  Seven to 8 hours of sleep is very important.  These tips are of no use if you lack sleep.  The next time you think you need to reach for junk food to stay focused and awake, keep these suggestions in mind and show love to your body.  Use breathing, movement and a healthy drink to restore your energy levels.


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