5 Habits That Cause Us to Gain Belly Fat


Many of us get into habits that lead to gaining extra belly fat.  Then, we want a quick fix.  The truth is, there are no fixes that are quick and will last permanently. You have to be part of the solution by changing some of your habits.  Belly fat, well, it’s just plain uncomfortable in excess and it is important to be able to control for optimal health. Read on and learn about some habits you’ll want to ditch in order to lose this excess fat, keep it off, and improve your health in general.

Skipping exercise

Okay…you may be able to get away with losing belly fat without exercise, but you’ll have a lower chance of long-term results and it will prove to be more difficult.  Your body will be able to burn fat more efficiently when you gain strong and lean muscle.  Losing weight without exercise means that you risk slowing your metabolism, as you’ll lose lean body tissue.  Exercise should be performed at a moderate level and 30 minutes per session, about 3-5 times a week.  Targeting your abdominal area during exercise is ideal, as well as fitting in some cardio routines.

Eating too much sugar

It’s crucial to make sure you’re not consuming too much sugar since high blood sugar can cause insulin resistance.  There is a significant link between consumption of sugar, insulin resistance and additional belly fat.  Drink plenty of water and eat naturally sweet fruits if your sweet tooth is begging you for something.  Your body will eventually get used to your new way of eating and crave fewer sweets.

Drinking too much beer

“Beer belly” is used to describe too much belly fat from drinking beer for a good reason.  Beer is basically empty calories and when our livers are working to process alcohol they don’t burn fat.  As if that’s not enough, alcohol is also an appetite stimulant.  So, you’re consuming a lot of calories, not burning fat, and then consuming more calories.  It’s not a good cycle to get yourself into.

Stress eating

This can lead to excess belly fat because we often lose track of what we’re eating when we’re stressed out and not being mindful of what we need and don’t.  Stress and hormones can also decide where calories are stored in the body, especially in women.  The hormone cortisol can increase when we’re stressed, which adds belly fat and can also make fat cells larger.  Try going through your kitchen and removing the junk food items you typically reach for when you’re stressed.  Also, have some plans for activities of which you might enjoy when you’re craving something unhealthy–maybe go for a nice walk and breathe in the crisp air.

Eating late

Our digestive systems can’t efficiently process the food when we eat late in the same way it would hours earlier.  The general recommendation is to refrain from eating at least two hours before bedtime. Keep to new habits and notice belly fat melt away!


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