Try These Filling Foods to Manage Your Weight


You might go to the grocery store and pick out all of the right foods…and you’re generally a health conscious person.  But, if you’re not filling up, your stomach might beg you to get in your car and drive to the nearest convenience store for something less than healthy — a bag of chips or a cookie, for example.  While these things are okay once in a while, it’s best to know what healthy foods can sustain you, so that turning to junk food doesn’t become a habit.  Here are some exceptionally filling foods to keep on your grocery list:

Sweet and delicious prunes

Prunes aren’t only meant to help with digestive issues.  They are also a satisfying, sweet snack. High in fiber and antioxidants, prunes can be added to main dishes or eaten alone as a treat.

Veggies (especially before a meal)

Research shows that individuals eat about the same weight of food every day.  Using healthy, fiber-filled vegetables for a majority of that food is excellent for weight management and nutrition.

Dip your veggies

You’ll feel full longer if you dip your veggies in healthy salad dressings or hummus. The added fat and flavor can help your body absorb nutrients more effectively.


Not only is oatmeal a healthy, filling food, it’s a great comfort food.  Oatmeal has potential to take on different tastes.  Try adding fruit and nuts for an extra special breakfast.

Eat soup first

Many studies have shown that you’ll eat less if you have soup before a meal.  Choose broth-based soup with fiber-rich vegetables rather than creamy, salty soups.

Lean protein

Eat meals and snacks with protein in order to stay satisfied longer.  Research shows that this works.  You can choose plant or animal proteins.  Legumes and quinoa are examples of delicious, plant-based proteins. Lentils and chickpeas are excellent choices and inexpensive.

Potato skins

It can be tempting to scoop out the insides of a potato and drown it in butter before eating.  But, the skin is what makes the potato a delightfully nutritious, high fiber food, loaded with potassium.  Make it even more exciting by adding herbs or salsa on top.


They’re sweet and many are fiber-rich.  An additional benefit is that they contain a lot of water. You can turn a regular fruit, such as an apple, into a decadent treat by baking it and covering it with nuts.


Pecans, almonds, pistachios and other nuts all have healthy fats and protein in them that will help you stay full.  You should be watchful about your serving sizes of nuts when you’re trying to manage your weight. Combine nuts with dried fruit for a high fiber treat or include them in main dishes.


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