Different Ways to Eat Vegetables When They’re Not Your Thing


While some of us seem to crave and feel our body’s need for vegetables, others cannot stand the thought. It’s a chore just to eat a side of broccoli.  Potatoes, in the form of French fries, are the go-to ‘vegetable’ for some of us.  We’re in luck.  There are plenty of vegetables that can be hidden or blended well with foods we prefer.  Read on to find out some sneaky ways to incorporate vegetables into different foods.

Beets mix well with desserts

It might sound less than divine, but it’s actually amazing.  Beets add texture and sweetness to cakes. There are plenty of chocolate beet cake and brownie recipes out there.  Give them a try!

Beans in brownies and cookie bars

It’s super easy and delicious to add pureed beans to baked goods.  You won’t even taste anything beany and you’ll receive the benefits that beans pack such as fiber and protein.

Winter squash pasta

Pureed squashes blended into pasta dishes such as macaroni and cheese are disguised perfectly. Macaroni and cheese is a favorite dish for many, but it’s not exactly nutritious.  Add some pureed butternut squash and you have a winner.

Winter squash in sweets

There are so many options for using winter squash in recipes. Pumpkin is already wildly popular in the autumn and winter months.  Try using squash puree in recipes where liquids such as milk or water are called for.  This might be easiest in waffles, cakes and similar baked items. .

Grated zucchini hides in treats

Many of us have tried and loved zucchini bread.  It’s like cake.  You can add grated or pureed zucchini in just about any food you wish.  Sauces, casseroles, burgers, you name it.  Chocolate zucchini bread and chocolate chip cookies with zucchini…the list goes on!

Cauliflower in everything

Mmm.  Cauliflower is delicious just on its own for many, but for those who don’t agree, you’re in luck. Use cauliflower pureed and added to mashed potatoes to make caulipots, add it to soups or even make your own sauces to put on pastas.

Treat eggplant like a fruit

It is a fruit, but we don’t really see it that way.  You can actually make an eggplant pie, similar to an apple pie, adding sweeteners and seasonings to your taste.  Pureed eggplant can be added to many baked goods, too.

Hopefully, after reading this list, you’ll be prepared with enough ideas to encourage you or your loved ones to get the vegetables needed in a way that’s pleasing to the taste buds.


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