Ditch Your Soda Habit and Watch the Pounds Drop

Soda being poured into glass with ice

Are you looking to shed some pounds quickly?  Well, look no further than to dump all of your soda down the drain, redeem or recycle your cans, and redeem yourself in the process.  A quarter of all drinks we consume in the US is soda.  Some of us begin as very small children and become addicted. Caffeine and sugar have us hooked!  Advertising reels us in and makes it seem sexy and refreshing to drink soda when it’s quite the opposite.

Soda has absolutely zero nutritional value and contributes to disastrous health issues such as diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and fragile bones.  Soda robs us of being able to lose weight in a healthy way by depleting our bodies of calcium, magnesium and vitamin A.  Diet soda isn’t any better.  In fact, it might be worse for our health.  After consuming soda that is super sweet with artificial sweeteners, we end up thinking we need to eat more.  Of course, this makes it more difficult to lose weight and/or causes weight gain.

Dropping the soda habit also drops your pant size.  According to one study, people reported that they lost 20 pounds in six months just by decreasing their soda intake by up to two cans per day, without inclusion of exercise.  Imagine what eliminating soda and exercising, drinking more water, and maintaining a healthy diet of fresh produce and whole foods could do for a previous soda addict!

The sugar in soda isn’t the only thing inhibiting weight loss.  Carbonation plays a significant part in the disruption of our weight loss goals.  When drinking carbonated beverages, no matter the sugar content or lack thereof, we’re consuming air that bloats our intestinal tract and hampers the digestion process. This makes it difficult to lose weight.  It may be difficult to wean yourself off soda because you’re used to taking in a lot of caffeine and you might miss the fizziness of it, but it will be well worth it in the end.  Try drinking flavored water instead.  Maybe a few squirts of lime juice added or some fresh fruit slices. There are delicious alternatives.  It will take you and your taste buds some time to adjust, but the positive changes your body and mind will experience will far outweigh any temporary satisfaction that soda used to bring.


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