You Can Get Rid of Unwanted Back Fat with a Change in Routine


When trying to lose weight, there are areas of the body more difficult to get into shape, no matter how much you exercise.  One of the toughest issues to deal with is back fat.  It’s important to tailor your workout routine to tone your upper body in this case.  Here are some tips you might use to help get rid of bothersome back fat.


  • Cardio– You should be exercising 3 or 4 days per week for at least 30 minutes. Good cardio exercises for ridding yourself of back fat and strengthening muscles are boxing, swimming and rowing.
  • Interval training– Perform your cardio workouts at intervals in order to burn fat all over your body. Alternate your running pace to burn calories more quickly.  You can also heighten the benefits you get from normal cardio by practicing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  You exercise at a high intensity for about a half a minute to a few minutes and then bring down the intensity or eliminate intensity for a minute or so in between.  This can help raise metabolism and improve cardiovascular health.
  • Do home workouts– There are a few workouts and stretches you can do at home that don’t require fancy machinery that can focus on your back fat.
  • Weight training– Use weights that you can lift without too much effort, but don’t choose dumbbells that don’t take any effort or else you won’t get a good enough workout. Lat pull downs and bent-over flys are good exercises to practice to reduce back fat.
  • Circuit training – This means you’re practicing a series of exercises without breaks in between, and little to no down time. You can lose weight quickly this way and burn fat 24/7 because your metabolism will be boosted.

Diet changes

  • Cut calories– about 500 per day lower than usual. Do this with exercise, of course.
  • Stop drinking soda and other sugary drinks– These drinks boost your calorie intake significantly and are unhealthy. Drink herbal tea and water instead.
  • Eat small meals and space them out – This method will lift your metabolism and keep you satisfied, lowering your chances of overeating. If you are in a situation at work or school where you find it difficult to stop for a meal, pack a healthy, portable snack to have with you before you leave for work.

Other suggestions

  • Ergometer – These are available for purchase if you can’t find one at a gym. They look like handlebars rotating on a bicycle.  You sit or stand in front of an ergometer and it has petals that you can turn using your hands.
  • Ask your doctor about “Coolsculpting”This is a type of liposuction that can help you eliminate back fat.  But, remember that lifestyle changes are necessary. Liposuction won’t do much if you regain the back fat.

Remember to speak with your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet programs.  Hopefully some of these tips will encourage you to get the smoother back you’ve wanted!


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