Easy Ways to Enjoy Healthy Fats Daily


Those of a certain age remember that health officials used to scorn any and all fats. How times have changed. Now we know that certain kinds of fat are actually good for you. In fact, many protect us against serious health conditions. Here are some easy ways to enjoy healthy fats daily. A Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest, and at its base is olive oil. Other vegetable oils such as canola and soybean oils are good too, containing omega-3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). Omega-3s help protect the heart and reduce inflammation—a cause of so many diseases. Fry in these, sure. Not that you should eat so much fried food. But you can also use them in homemade salad dressings, as the base for sauces or marinades. Dribble some on top of popcorn instead of butter or when roasting nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Add some cumin, garlic powder or turmeric and a little salt and you have a very healthy, addictive and delicious snack on your hands.

Avocados are so healthy for you dieticians say you can eat one per day. It’s heart protective, a great source of folic acid and fiber. The monounsaturated fat inside an avocado helps you to absorb the beta-carotene and lycopene in other vegetables, making it the perfect thing to pair with peppers, tomatoes, carrot or spinach. That sounds like a great salad right there. Use these in salads, on sandwiches, as guacamole for chips, even in an omelet. Some people place a fried egg right in the center of a cored half an avocado and eat if for breakfast, just like that. Flaxseed has omega-3s, lots of fiber, healthful phytochemicals and even helps the digestive tract. Elements in flaxseed keep the cholesterol maintained within the optimum range, as well. Though many things come with flaxseed flour nowadays, it’s best that you eat them whole. Sprinkle them in soups, on salads, in oatmeal or in cold cereal. They’re great in yogurt too. Walnuts have omega-3s, amino acids, antioxidants and protein. They also have manganese and copper, important minerals for your body. Walnuts and fruit in and of itself is a great breakfast. Put them in oatmeal or yogurt. Try them as a snack or as part of a salad. They’re even great just by themselves.


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