How to Avoid Junk Food Cravings


It can strike anywhere, in the office, on the way home from work when you see your favorite fast food joint, at home with a big tub of ice cream calling your name, or at a party where the chili con queso emits a siren’s serenade dragging you down into the depths of a calorie laden stupor. We’re talking about junk food cravings. They make you give all kinds of excuses to yourself. Pretty soon, you are doing logic somersaults that would have topflight lawyers question their careers. So what are we to do? How can we get through junk food cravings? One way to do it is to have controlled, sensibly portioned indulgences from time to time. That way, you aren’t cheating, or depriving yourself now in order to gorge later. Instead, you are making conscious choices about what you are eating, when, and sticking to them. Studies have shown that those who wait, and choose the time and place that they’ll have a treat end up eating a more sensible portion.

Another idea, eat foods that are healthful. Studies have shown that cravings are often associated with what we eat anyway. There’s no time like the present to select healthy snacks. By doing so, you’ll reinforce healthy cravings later on, and dampen the not-so-healthy ones. Sometimes we self-soothe through food. When you’ve had a tough day, you can’t wait to tuck in to something decadent. Instead of wallowing in unneeded calories and the guilt that often follows, watch a short comedy, call a friend, take a walk on your favorite hiking trail or around your neighborhood park. Play catch with the dog, or rough house with the kids. Call up a good friend or just listen to your favorite song. These can make you feel better for a lot longer than the three minutes of satiation chocolate provides, yet they don’t add even a millimeter to your waistline. Having the right mindset, the right outlook and the right eating plan will make sure that your overall consumption is healthful, and your indulgences reasonable. You’ll find yourself smiling into the mirror instead of hunched over your steering wheel stuffing your face, and feeling bad about it.


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