Herbs You Can Grow in Your Kitchen


The best kind of food is that which is organically and locally grown. And what’s more local than your kitchen counter! Not to mention, this is a money saver that gives you the freshest herbs for you and you alone. No home gourmet should be without a kitchen garden. They don’t take up that much space or time, and the payoff is well worth the modest effort. Just little cups, a container, or an old Tupperware will do. Why not reuse something while at the same time growing your own little herb garden? Make sure the container has holes in the bottom. You’ll need that for drainage. If you can place the plants in a south or west facing window, they’ll get the most sunlight. Soak the seeds in water for about two hours before planting them. Fill your container with soil. The soil needs to be three times deeper than the seed’s size, so the roots have room to grow. Then when the topsoil is dry to the touch, simply water the plant and watch your little savory herbs grow.

When you first see flowers, harvesting should begin. This is when the herbs will be the most flavorful. Snip off only a few sprigs or leaves at a time, to ensure the plant will continue to give you fresh herbs whenever you desire. Use scissors or a sharp knife to separate sprigs. Try and collect them in the afternoon or evening to avoid the exposed area being damaged by the sun. Herbs that are easy to grow, are delicious and go in so many dishes are chives, thyme, rosemary, mint, basil and sage. Try and find dishes that match the herbs you are growing. If you are prone to basil, think about making homemade pesto once a year. Bruschetta is delicious too. Mint can go in so many things from tea to desserts, cocktails to jelly. Sage is amazing with chicken, as is rosemary. A kitchen garden also makes a fun family project. Nothing is more wonderful for children than to take part in this process, and be able to watch food go from seed to seasoning. Why not start your own kitchen garden?


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