An Avocado A day Keeps Bad Cholesterol Away


Sure an apple a day is a great idea. But a daily avocado may have the old rhyme and the fruit behind it, beat. After all, the bumpy, green orbs help fight against “bad” cholesterol, a major contributor to cardiovascular disease which is the biggest killer in the U.S. and around the world. A small study at Pennsylvania State University has shown the remarkable health effects these green, creamy fruit have—which were already proven to pack a hefty amount of healthy fat. It is consuming these fats that aids in getting “bad” or LDL cholesterol under control.  In this study, 45 overweight individuals were relegated to one of three diets each designed to lower cholesterol. The first diet included lots of fruits, whole grains, a lot of poultry and a little red meat. The second and third diets were similar but were high in healthy fats. They also included more oils and nuts. One of the latter two prescribed an avocado per day.

These diets measured up pretty closely when it came to things like fats and protein. The only difference between the latter two diets was the addition of a daily avocado. When the study was completed researchers were astonished. The group which had consumed avocados showed a startling drop in LDL cholesterol. This study was published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Researchers still aren’t sure why this is so. They’ve suggested that it may be the added fiber in this strange fruit or bioactive compounds. Investigators warned that anyone who enjoys guacamole with chips should notice that the chips add significant calories. There are lots of other amazing places to use avocados. Slice them up and put them on sandwiches, shove them in tacos or dice them and add them to salads. Guacamole makes a great dip as well as a mayo substitute, both in some recipes and as an overall condiment. Be sure to use fresh ingredients to make it, instead of the powdered chemical packets found in many supermarkets. Most people love avocados, and now they can feel extra good eating them.


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