Foods that Fight Cancer


A recent study found that two-thirds of the kinds of cancer that arise in the body form by accident, a poor replication of one’s DNA. But there are foods that can help prevent cancer, whether accident or not. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research one should eat meals that are two-thirds plant-based, one-third animal-protein based. This is a cancer-preventative diet, what has been dubbed the “New American Plate.” Of course, no diet can protect you 100% from cancer. But here are some foods that can give you better protection and overall good health. Want to fight breast, colon and rectal cancer all at once? Get some more folate in your diet. This essential B-vitamin is found in many different foods such as strawberries, oranges, melons, beans, sunflower seeds, asparagus, eggs and fortified breakfast cereals. You could take a supplement. But for best absorption, get folate from the foods you eat. Eating enough whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables should do the trick.

Skip on the deli meats and try to find healthful alternatives for lunch. Processed meats contain loads of preservatives, additives and salt. These in turn increases the likelihood of stomach and colorectal cancer. Occasionally, it is okay. But only two slices of red meat a day is considered healthy. If you be a carnivore, stick to poultry and tuna most days. One good thing to put on your sandwich is a few nice, juicy slices of tomato. Lycopene or some other property in tomatoes—researchers still aren’t clear, gives tomatoes cancer-fighting properties. Processed tomatoes such as paste, sauce and stewed tomatoes were just as healthy, researchers found. Don’t get them in the can. The acid in tomatoes can draw out a chemical in the lining called BPA, which can interfere with your endocrine system. Tea has been shown to be a potent cancer fighting powerhouse. It fights colon, rectal, breast, prostate, bladder, stomach and pancreatic cancer among many others. Drink it unsparingly. The green kind is far more potent. Oolong is nice too, but like black not as healthful. Four to six cups a day is recommended. Watch the sweetener. Grapes, particularly red grapes contain resveratrol which has been shown to fight cancer. And beans have several phytochemicals that ward off the disease too. Eating good, healthy food is great fun and good medicine too.


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