6 Alkaline Foods You Should Be Eating


The majority of food in grocery stores these days is processed, fried, pasteurized and contains artificial ingredients.  Our diets are largely toxic. We eat poorly and live busy lives, don’t rest well and try to make up for it with more sugar, caffeine and drugs we probably wouldn’t be reaching for if we chose to eat healthier and feel better.  Our diets tend to contain too many acidic foods. It’s important that we maintain an appropriate pH balance to survive and thrive. It’s crucial to take in foods that have both acid and alkaline-forming elements.  When we don’t eat enough foods necessary to uphold an alkaline state, our body gets it from its own stores and cannot heal itself and detox from heavy metals.  There are some alkaline foods you can look for in particular to add to your diet if you haven’t already. Here’s a list of the top foods.

These delicious and bright citrus fruits are probably one of the first foods that come to mind when trying to think of an acidic food, but they’re actually very high in alkaline!  Lemons are a great fruit in many ways — they are high in antioxidants, electrolytes, and rich in vitamins and minerals.  It’s also incredibly simple to incorporate them into your diet, if you haven’t already.  You can even squeeze a little bit into your water each time you have a glass.

They’re delicious and are very high in alkaline and water content (to keep you extra hydrated). Watermelon are also high in fiber, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and lycopene.  These fruits are also an excellent source of electrolytes!

They’re excellent for making your body more alkaline and taking care of your immune system.  Apples contain important vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. An added benefit is that apples have enzymes that aid in keeping your hormones in balance.  There are so many scrumptious ways you can add more apples to your life such as raw, in juice, or apple desserts.

Spinach, kale, and Swiss chard are examples of excellent leafy green alkaline foods you can add to your diet. Put greens in juices, smoothies, salads, soups, or just about anything.  For added benefits, use these greens with lemon or garlic (also alkaline); they taste amazing together in a lot of dishes.

Root veggies
Turnips, parsnips, potatoes, carrots and the list goes on!  These are a particularly excellent bunch of alkaline foods to have in the winter…great for putting in stews or slow cooking.  They’re wonderfully high in minerals and fill you up nicely.

Alfalfa sprouts
It’s surprising to many how nutrient-dense and high alkaline these spouts are.  They’re a great addition to almost any sandwich and you can easily grow your own.

Hopefully, after reading this list, you’ve seen some foods you love and can continue eating or add to your diet in order to maintain the healthiest pH levels.  Maybe you’ll even start growing your own sprouts!


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