Why You Should Drink Your Water Warm


A lot of us wake up in the morning and decide to have a nice, hot cup of coffee or tea.  It’s comforting and helps us start our day out right.  At least we think of it that way.  Some of us might decide to have a glass of water, but would prefer it ice cold.  Well, some physicians recommend that we drink water when it’s warm, especially in the morning.  The chances are that you’ll read this and then grab yourself a nice cup of warm water!  Here are some reasons why:

Cleanses the digestive system.

When drinking cold water around meal time, it can make oils in our food harder and create fat deposits in our intestines.  Minerals can be stripped from water when we add ice to it, which is bad news, as minerals are important for upholding the health of our digestive system.  On the other hand, drinking warm water helps us get rid of toxins in our bodies.  The warmth helps our bodies break down food more quickly, benefitting the digestive tract.

Reduces pain.

There are calming effects that come with using warm water.  Reduction in pain from headaches and discomfort caused by menstruation can be alleviated.  Hot liquids can aid in relaxing cramps by increasing blood flow to the skin.

Helps with constipation.

A glass of warm water in the morning can be great to help with constipation.  Make sure to do this on an empty stomach to help improve bowel movements and break down foods as they pass through your body.  Constipation is a sign that you’re not getting enough water, and bloating and strain when we’re trying to make a bowel movement are a result. Use warm water to help yourself become ‘regular’ again.

Aids in weight loss.

Good news for a lot of us, right?  Warm water heightens our body temperature, increasing our metabolic rate.  During this time we’re able to burn more calories and improve functioning in our kidneys and G.I. tract.  Adding a lemon to your warm water can control food cravings, thanks to its pectin fiber, and will help break down body fat.

Improves circulation.

When you drink warm water you eliminate fat deposits and accumulating deposits in the nervous system.  Blood circulation is improved when toxins are flushed out.

Slows down aging.

One of the biggest worries we have is that we’ll age prematurely.  Warm water can help with this by cleaning toxins in the body that contribute to speedy aging.  When toxins in our body are cleansed, skin cells are repaired and our skin increases in firmness and elasticity.  Make sure to talk with your doctor before drinking warm water if you think it might disrupt the efficacy of any medication you might be taking.  Be careful to let it cool down a bit after boiling so that you don’t damage any tissue in your esophagus or mouth.


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