10 Plant-Based Metabolism Boosting Foods


One thing that seems to be on most of our minds, and often, is the question of what foods are healthiest for different benefits such as clearer skin, more energy, less fat, more protein, and the list goes on.  A more popular concern is whether metabolism is being affected in a positive way by what we eat.  We want to speed it up!  Here are 10 delicious plant-based foods that will do just that:

  1. Cinnamon– The polyphenols and chromium in cinnamon are known to improve insulin sensitivity. Sprinkle some on your morning toast!
  2. Grapefruit– This seems like one that most will already know.  Insulin resistance has been shown to improve with fresh grapefruit, and notable weight loss has occurred when eaten before meals.
  3. Green Tea– Catechins, a group of antioxidants found in green teas, increase our metabolism and provide many more health benefits. It’s not the caffeine content, as many of us believe. Regardless of its caffeine level, green tea promotes fat oxidation and has thermogenic properties.  It’s possible that extract from green tea reduces weight by thermogenesis and/or fat oxidation.
  4. Ginger– When you consume ginger, you’ll get similar effects as when taking caffeine. If you want to increase your metabolism, consume up to two teaspoons of ginger every day.
  5. Celery– It’s really high in fiber, which fills you up more quickly. Celery is also a negative calorie food.  This means that you’re burning more calories by eating it than it actually contains.
  6. Broccoli– This is an excellent plant-based choice because broccoli is packed with vitamin C. We need this vitamin to absorb calcium from our foods. Calcium has been shown to be essential for losing weight.
  7. Garlic– When you eat garlic, you’re stimulating your metabolism and burning fat efficiently because it raises your core body temperature. An added benefit is that garlic is a diuretic.
  8. Avocado– Many are under the assumption that avocados are not the best to eat when they’re trying to lose weight because avocados are a fat. But, they fail to realize or remember that they are a good fat. The fat in an avocado is monounsaturated and helps speed up your basal metabolic rate (when you’re just sitting).  Avocados also contain very filling fat; therefore, we stay satisfied longer and have fewer cravings.
  9. Hot peppers– They’re fairly well known for being metabolism boosters. A lot of them contain a chemical called capsaicin, which is the main component in charge of speeding your metabolism.
  10. Berries– An enzyme in berries called AMP kinase, which is turned on by the berries’ anthocyanins, sends signals to fat and muscle cells that encourage them to increase their fat use for energy. Berries are known to be delicious, and eating up to 3 cups a day can help increase these wonderful anthocyanins…and your metabolism.

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