How to Thrive When you’re Detoxing from Sugar


After being dependent on sugar for your entire life, you’ve decided to quit. Now what do you do? Your mind and body are in for some changes and you need to be prepared with a toolbox of sugar detox coping skills.  The recommendation for quitting is to start out with a drastic, three day or so complete elimination of sugar before slowly reintroducing foods with natural sugars such as fruit and other whole foods.  It might be a rough start with some noticeable side effects, but there are some things you can do to soften the blow.

Don’t replace sugar with artificial sweeteners.

You might miss the sweetness in your coffee or oatmeal, but it’s best not to turn to sweeteners such as Splenda for satisfaction.  When you consume these products, the effect is sometimes a taste that is significantly sweeter than sugar.  Unfortunately, your taste buds will not detect the delicious, natural sweetness that comes from fruits and vegetables.

Eat your vegetables.

Let your senses understand what the sweetness in healthy foods tastes like…you won’t be sorry. When you have a craving for your old go-to junk food, you’ll be glad you have fresh carrots or peas for a naturally sweet snack.  Maybe you can make a bean or hummus dip to fill you up more, if needed.

Take up an interesting exercise class.

Maybe try yoga or judo.  In the beginning of your sugar detox you might feel like doing very little because of a lower energy level.  If you pick out a more exciting activity than just walking, for example, you might encourage yourself to get out there, try something new and meet new people in the process.

Pick out some interesting teas.

Perhaps you looked to sugary snacks in the past because you were bored.  There are so many interesting flavored herbal teas.  Maybe that can be a new way to please your senses.  And, they’re very healthful.  Not only are herbal teas delicious and aromatic, they often have specific health benefits such as tension calming, digestion and metabolism helping, and throat coating. Try some of these suggestions out and good luck with that detox!


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