Foods you can Make rather Than Buy


Everybody who has even an iota of health consciousness in their noggin knows to stay away from processed food. Added sugar, salt, fat, additives and preservatives are what we are all trying to avoid, and the negative health effects that can result. The closer to nature we eat, the better we feel. But it seems like by doing that you have sink a ton of time into preparation and scratching a lot of your favorite foods off the shopping list. Neither is true. You can make a lot of delicious foods at home rather than buy them, without it taking up your entire day. Not only is it better for you to make these, it’s often better for the environment. Anyone who has spent any time in a health food store has perhaps marveled at a natural peanut butter maker. Store bought peanut butter isn’t that bad for you. But it does often carry chemicals to keep the oil and paste together. There are preservatives and too much sugar, and sometimes corn syrup. Making it at home is so easy. You will find it much healthier and far tastier than the store-bought variety. Here’s a video on how to do it:

Granola bars are a nice, quick snack; chewy muesli bars are the new craze. But the store bought variety is laden with sugar. They aren’t that hard to make. In fact, you don’t even have to bake them if you use this recipe: People buy breadcrumbs, which sounds normal until you make them. If you ever have leftover bread in the house, say everyone simply refuses to eat the heels of the bread, now is your opportunity. Put that hard bread into the food processor. When it’s down to salt or sand consistency, spread it out on a baking sheet. Bake it at 200-degrees until they are golden, about 15 or 20 minutes. Season to taste. Instead of bread crumbs try homemade croutons. Take the same bread but cut it into cubes and then bake it in the oven for the same amount of time at the same temperature. Don’t buy dip. It’s so easy to make guacamole, hummus, even Baba Ghanoush: Plus you will feel good about voraciously stuffing yourself, instead of the opposite of that. Chicken stock is a staple in the kitchen. Instead of purchasing it, boil the carcass after a meal. Any little scraps of vegetables and peels can be boiled too to make stock. Go for a homemade soup while you are at it. Just a little elbow grease can have some marvelous results on your waistline, your wallet and your family’s health. The best part is it all tastes better than the store bought variety.


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