Is the 80/10/10 Diet Right for You?


So many diets, so little time.  Well, just when you thought you had enough choices, there’s another.  It’s the 80/10/10 diet, and it’s a fairly recent diet trend.  It falls under the category of raw vegan diets.  How do you go about it?  Well, you get 80 percent of your calories from carbohydrates, mainly raw fruits, and 10 percent each from plant-based protein and fat (also raw).  Supposedly this should have you shedding pounds in no time!  A lot of diets make claims that will happen, though.  Will this?  Well, here are some facts about the 80/10/10 diet:

  • It’s high in sugar –Considering that you’re eating 20 servings of fruit (or more) every day. To get 80 percent of your calories from raw veggies requires that you’re eating almost non-stop. Sound too good to be true? It’s not reasonable to think we can constantly eat. And, the fruit calories add up very quickly.  This is bad news for anyone with blood sugar or diabetes issues.
  • It’s a very low-fat diet– It’s a low fat diet that involves getting your fat from healthy sources which include delicious avocados! It’s possible that it’s not enough fat, though.  We need fat to slow down sugar absorption from foods.  That’s what steadily maintains our energy, appetite and blood sugar level.  Without enough fat we lack nutrients that are needed to keep many of our systems healthy, such as our skin, heart and brain.  It also enhances fat-soluble nutrient absorption. We tend to hate the thought, but it does a lot of good in a lot of ways. This might be better as a short-term diet.
  • It’s also very low in protein– It does provide enough to survive, but nothing extra. That little bit more could help better control your appetite, drive brain function, preserve lean muscle mass and repair tissue and support immune function.  That’s a lot of extra help!  You might be losing a lot of lean muscle tissue as the pounds drop, especially if you’re over 60.
  • You might not get adequate nutrition– This diet eliminates a lot! It is very strict and could leave you without proper nutrition.  No grains, legumes, fish, meat, eggs or anything else people typically eat.  It just might not be easy to find enough, even though you’re eating a lot.

It seems that the cons of the 80/10/10 diet outweigh the pros, but we all tend to know our own bodies and capabilities better than anyone else.  It’s probably more reasonable to follow a diet like this if you’re already used to eating a plant-based and (at least part-time) raw diet. It wouldn’t be as much as a shock and transition in the beginning.


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