Delicious Bananas and Their Surprising Benefits


Bananas. Yes, a delicious, portable and filling snack!  Do you really need to know any more than that?  Well, you might want to get to know some more fun and surprising benefits of what might be the world’s most perfect, natural food.

Bananas are high in potassium.  You’ve probably heard that, but it’s important to have a reminder about how important potassium is for our bodies.  It helps our heart function by having its role in regulating our blood pressure.  Our bones beg us for potassium to help reduce the excretion of calcium and hopefully prevent osteoporosis.

We get a lot of fiber from bananas.  This is essential for taking care of our digestive tract and keeping our bowels moving.  Heartburn is also easily relieved when we give ourselves fiber.

This fruit has a lot of nutrients in general.  Vitamin B6 can be found in bananas–it’s the blood producing vitamin.  There’s also a healthy amount of magnesium, manganese and Vitamin C.  It’s likely your immune system will get some care because bananas contain a compound called cytolysin (it may increase white blood cells).

Bananas may protect you from getting stomach ulcers and help take care of an existing ulcer.  There are compounds in bananas that create thick and protective barriers in the stomach.  This keeps excess hydrochloric acid from damaging your insides.

Bananas boost your energy!  Again, those amazing compounds provide natural energy and it’s more efficient and easy on blood sugar levels.  This is a great motivation if you’re trying to lose weight.

They’re perfect for your hair and skin.  You can take some banana skin and put it in a blender/food processor with some other natural ingredients–it’s a great hair mask that will add moisture. The skin of a banana can also be used to treat acne and psoriasis!

They contain tryptophan.  Have you ever thought of bananas were an excellent source of tryptophan?  Well, they are!  Tryptophan is a chemical that converts into serotonin when it’s released into the bloodstream.  Serotonin helps put us in a good mood and lowers stress levels in the body.

So, bananas. Do you need any more convincing?


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