Tips for Ridding Yourself of Belly Bloat

Diet concept

Who wants to have a bloated belly?  No one that comes to my mind!  It’s not only uncomfortable, but it’s not exactly considered attractive to most either.  Luckily, bloatedness is a temporary situation!  Below are some great tips on how you can help yourself flatten your stomach:

Eat less salt.

Yes, salt is important and even beneficial for a healthy lifestyle, but if you’re eating too much you will cause an imbalance of salt and water in your body because you’ll have retained water.  This means you’ll become bloated.  That’s simply not what you’re aiming to do!  Stay away from processed foods such as packaged snacks, TV dinners and fast food.  Subsisting on these foods means that you’re probably taking in too much sodium.  And, if you eat an excessive amount of cereals and pasta, for example, reduce the amount of carbohydrates you’re consuming; stored carbs carry three times the amount of water of protein.

Water is good!

When you drink water, stored cellular fluid is released, and the results are a flatter stomach.  Even when a little bit dehydrated, our body is begging us for water.  Just know that your body needs water for everything it does; therefore, it keeps it stored because it doesn’t know when you’re going to give it more!  If you have a flat belly, drinking enough water will quickly restore this look if you’ve been denying it proper amounts.  You should be drinking, at minimum, half of your body weight in ounces of water.

Avoid gum.

You fill your belly up with air just as if you’re blowing up a balloon when you chew gum. This is because by chewing, you’re swallowing air.  Sugar free gum doubles this consequence!

Carbonation = BLOAT

Carbonation is a big, bad deal when it comes to stomach bloat.  The bubbles in your beverage become trapped in your intestinal tract and gas builds up. It’s best to eliminate all sodas, even diet, if bloating is a problem for you.

No artificial sweeteners.
Candies, protein bars, gum, etc., are all products that can contain sugar alcohols, substitutes, or even natural products that can cause you to have gas…which could include severe gastrointestinal distress.  However, there is an exception (don’t use in excess, though), Xylitol. It has little effect on blood sugar and zero effect on insulin level. It’s a healthy alternative!

Hopefully you’ll find these simple pointers helpful and find your stomach bloat, well, gone!


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