Should You Eat a Big Breakfast?


It makes sense that after going an entire night without eating you’d want to load up on energy in the morning, which would make breakfast very important.  As they say, it’s the most important meal of the day!  Some doctors don’t agree with that, though.  Jason Peñaranda is one of them.  He says: “Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all important. They all should be taken”.  In fact, some caution against eating a heavy meal after ending a fast.  After breaking a fast, people are advised to eat light and easy-to-digest meals.  Dr. Peñaranda reportedly says that during morning and night ours, digestive ability is at its lowest point; therefore, eating a heavy breakfast can place a burden on your body’s physiology.

But, choosing a healthy and heavy breakfast is equally considered one of the most beneficial ways of keeping yourself fit.  A night sleeping requires refueling your energy; skipping breakfast can adversely affect your overall energy and health.  Eating a heavier breakfast won’t cause you to gain weight automatically; the opposite may be true.  Having that big, healthy breakfast provides a layout for the rest of your day’s food choices.  The key is to make the right food choices during breakfast.

You can keep that full feeling and satisfy your hunger by having a big breakfast.  If you get in the habit of doing this every day, it’s likely you’ll consume less calories and possibly lose weight!  The reason this happens is that your stomach is full and you’re effectively less tempted to eat high calorie snacks to hold you over until lunch.  In 2005, an article published in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” read that women who skip breakfast tend to weigh more than those who eat breakfast.   A heavy and healthy breakfast is an excellent idea if you want to slim down and rid yourself of unhealthy snack eating between meals. Of course, everyone’s specific choices will vary, depending on their digestive system.


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