Coming Soon: Ikea’s Meatballs go Vegan


Everyone loves to wander around the Ikea. Some people even make a Sunday afternoon of looking at the furniture and afterward, settling down at the café for those famous Swedish meatballs. A little while ago the furniture chain had a controversy where some of these meatballs were found to contain horse meat. Now they say they’ve completely redone their recipe. They’ve done an entire 180. This spring the meatballs will be vegan. The company said it received a bunch of online petitions asking for a vegetarian option. Ikea now says not only are they vegetarian, no meat products inhabit the (ahem) meatballs whatsoever. If you love the old variety you have just a couple of months more to enjoy them. Just laugh if your friends whine as you chow down. A spokesperson for the company said that the new ones will reach stores in April. This move was announced by Ikea last year.

Ikea said the reason for moving in this direction wasn’t dietary but to reduce the environmental impact. Raising animals for the meat industry leaves a tremendous carbon footprint, which is the reason why some of the environmentally aware are choosing a semi or part-time vegetarian status nowadays. Vegetarianism is definitely healthier too. Little known fact, vegans live seven years longer than their carnivorous counterparts. Ikea has sold approximately 11.6 billion of these little meatballs since they first opened their doors in 1987. After the recent controversy, the retailer has made quality control much stricter. Though it may fit in with the trends consumers want to see, such as more healthful choices that are gentler on the environment, consumers are also skeptical of Ikeas’ meatballs since the previous supply chain snafu. Eventually, the new meatballs will also be available for purchase in big, frozen bags, should you fall in love with them. Of course, what exactly makes up these meatballs and if consumers find them as delectable as the original, still remains to be seen.


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