Milk Substitutes that are Soy Free


Perhaps you are lactose intolerant. Or you’ve read that a diet high in dairy has a negative impact on health, including cancer promotion. What’s more, dairy cows are often fed lots of antibiotics and hormones. Soy milk has been the go-to alternative for those who want to avoid the real thing. But some, especially men worry about it messing with their endocrine system, as phytoestrogen in soy can mimic the actual human hormone. Another concern is how 90% of soybeans grown in America are genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Some in the health food community and others avoid GMOs, as the impact of eating such foods on health long-term is not known at this time. Look for USDA certified organic soy milk or really any food, as these are GMO free. Truly organic soy milk can be difficult to find, however. Whole Foods recently pulled Silk—a popular brand. They found that the manufacturer was using some GMO ingredients in their products. So what other milk substitutes are there without GMOs, and that are soy-free?

There are plenty of nut milks on the market. Almond milk is the most common. But cashew and hazelnut milks are also available. You can even make your own almond milk at home. It isn’t hard. Here is one recipe: Rice milk is made from processing brown rice. It is very healthy but can taste too sweet for some. Try it for baking or in cereal. Oat milk is also out there. This one is sweet, too, thin and to be used the same way as rice milk, in places where such a sweet taste is welcome. Hemp milk is creamy. The consistency is more like milk. It has a mild cannabis-like aftertaste. But it holds up well in coffee and cooking. Hemp milk varies greatly from brand to brand. You may want to try a few before you settle on one. Lastly, coconut milk is a nice alternative. It is made by pressing coconut and adding sugar. So Delicious is one brand on the market which is great for cereal and the like. Coconut is one of the “in foods” today, thought to be extremely healthy. Why not try one of these milk alternatives in your household?


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