The Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger


When some of us think about ginger we often think about gingerbread, gingerbread men or gingerbread cookies. But in the East the medicinal power of this humble root has been recognized for centuries. Ayurveda medicine holds ginger in the highest regard. This powerful plant is still used, very often daily on the subcontinent, as it is still regarded as a food which contains near miraculous health benefits if ingested regularly. For one it is easy to digest and great for the GI tract. Pregnant women for time immemorial have been using ginger to get over morning sickness. Just chewing a little, perhaps with some honey can help you get over motion sickness or nausea. The twisty, bumpy root is also good for stomach cramps. It can even help stimulate the appetite. Dice ginger and add it into stir fries, sauces, vegetable dishes and others. It helps with vitamin absorption so the more things you pair it with, the more nutrients you’ll absorb.

Do you have a cold, the flu or allergies? Drink some ginger tea. Two tablespoons of peeled, sliced ginger per 12 oz. cup will do it. Add two slices of lemon and two teaspoons of honey, a great remedy to help fight off a cold or the flu. Ginger helps boost the immune system. Drink this tea about four to six times per day for maximum benefit. This spectacular spice can help clear the sinuses and other “microcirculatory channels” in the body. The root has antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties. This sharp, prickly tasting vegetable is also a natural anti-inflammatory, and helps with muscle and joint pain too. Ancient Indian texts even credit ginger as a powerful aphrodisiac. There are lots of ways to have it. If you juice, grate it into your juicer. Try ginger and basmati rice as a side dish. Add it to stir fry, but instead of rice use udon noodles which, along with being delicious, also contain heart healthy omega-3s. Increase your ginger intake and you will look better, feel better and perhaps even exhibit all the spiciness the root embodies.


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