7 Outstanding Supplements for Weight Loss

Concentrated Fiber Capsules OR Fresh Salad


Below are some supplements that are important for weight loss success and where you can find them naturally!


They are crucial for memory, helping keep stress levels low, improving your immune system and metabolism! Vitamin B-12 is particularly important to help your body metabolize fats. B vitamins are there to help burn fat; they increase the absorption and utilization of protein. Some foods high in B vitamins are dark, leafy green vegetables, shellfish, poultry, beef, fish, eggs and whole grains.

Vitamin C

It is a key vitamin for immune system boosting, helping prevent weight gain and inflammation, and forming red blood cells.  Research has shown that when you don’t get enough vitamin C, this promotes low-level inflammation and equals “Fat Flammation” (inflamed fat cells that promote a weight gain cycle).  Foods to eat with vitamin C are dark, leafy green vegetables, strawberries, red bell peppers and citrus fruits.

Vitamin D3

This vitamin boosts mood, weight loss and immunity, as well as bone health. It fact, research shows that low levels can actually cause weight gain.  Over 4,600 women were followed during a period of four and a half years, in a 2012 study in the Journal of Women’s Health.  They discovered that those with lower vitamin D levels gained more weight than women with higher levels.  Taking vitamin D3 can also help low-level inflammation.  Some foods high in vitamin D are eggs, mushrooms, fish and fortified foods. The latter have synthetic versions of vitamin D2, which the body finds challenging to absorb.


Every single bodily process and organ requires magnesium!  Unfortunately, a lot of folks suffer from a deficiency. 80 percent of Americans are deficient as are most overweight people.  Magnesium helps your body utilize carbohydrates, proteins and fats and it promotes insulin balance.  Magnesium can also help you become less anxious or stressed by bringing down the stress hormone cortisol (which promotes fat, if in excess). Foods to eat: Green vegetables, whole grains and apricots.

Omega 3 Fats

We must get these from our diet.  They improve heart health, brain function, mood, and promote weight loss.  They’re well known for reducing inflammation (including that of fat cells).  Foods high in omega 3 fats are wild salmon, DHA-enriched eggs, walnuts, chia seeds and algae-derived DHA.


It promotes healthy thyroid function, which is key to your metabolism!  Weight gain can be a symptom of hypothyroidism and many are unaware they have this issue.  Foods high in selenium are whole grains, poultry, eggs, and Brazil nuts.

It’s very important to have enough fiber for weight loss and there’s a lot of research to back this up. Having enough fiber will help keep you feeling full and lead to less cravings.  Studies show that those who take a fiber supplement lose more weight than those who don’t.  Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day if you’re taking a supplement!  Foods high in fiber are many vegetables, avocados, beans/legumes, chia seeds and nuts.


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