New Year’s Food Resolutions


Usually, by the end of the holidays we are suffering from food guilt. It’s hard to resist so many delicious things coming at us all at once, especially with the barrage of holiday parties and social gatherings that are often encountered at this time of year. In the aftermath, we usually make some bold New Year’s food resolutions shaking our fist to the heavens. But some find them hard to keep. Instead of tossing them out the window, make some subtle adjustments. Don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally fall off the food wagon. Cheat sensibly. And don’t go for an all or nothing outlook. Seek instead a continuum of healthful eating with an occasional divergence into the land of decadent treats. Here are some New Year’s food resolutions you can stick with. Experts say we should increase the amount of fruits and vegetables we eat. Resolve to add one fruit or vegetable to every meal. Prep some raw veggies and have them ready in the fridge. Make sure to have some healthy dip such as peanut butter, hummus, tahini or tzatziki sauce to go with it. Put a bowl of fruit out on the counter. And add a little bit of extra veggies to whatever you cook.

Sometimes we get fast food cravings. It happens to everyone. But plan on reducing how much you eat, and choose low-calorie options off the menu when you find yourself in such a place. Eat healthful snacks. Find better alternatives to snacks you already love such as low-fat cheese and whole wheat pretzels. Most people love to eat out. But it isn’t good for you. In fact, the healthiest meals are the ones made at home. Find ways to make your favorite foods in a healthier way in your own kitchen. When you do go out, find healthier restaurants. Choose Moe’s over Taco Bell, for instance. When you get Chinese takeout, order the sauce on the side and use half of what is normally applied. There are lots of great farm to table and other health conscious restaurants for when you’re feeling fancy. Don’t eat in front of the TV. Mindless shoveling is the worst kind of consumption. Avoid eating as a way to handle stress. Look for positive ways to deal with emotions like talking to a friend, listening to a favorite song, meditating or watching a short comedy skit online. Everyone can find ways to eat healthier in the New Year. Don’t let your New Year’s eating resolutions fall to the wayside this year. Stick with them and embrace the new you.


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