Foods that Boost the Immune System


Cold and flu season is upon us, and that means staying ever vigilant if you want to stay healthy and illness-free. Exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are just part of the equation. The best immune system booster is not in your medicine cabinet but your refrigerator. Double down on immune boosting foods and you’ll be looking and feeling your best, all season long. One overall piece of advice, choose fruits and vegetables in a wide variety of colors, in order to make sure you get enough of all the nutrients your body needs.

Select foods with disease fighting antioxidants which can help supercharge your immune system, spelling bad news for the germs that cause illnesses. Here are some great choices to add to your weekly menu. Sweet potatoes are a superfood, but especially good for the immune system. That’s because they are full of beta-carotene, a nutrient the body changes into vitamin-A. This powerful antioxidant wipes pathogens out. Carrots are also loaded with beta-carotene. It’s best to eat them raw to get the most out of them.

We often think of fungus as a bad thing. But mushrooms, in addition to adding flavor to sauces, stir fries, and so many other dishes, are also great for you. Not only are they packed with potassium, they also help killer T cells in their maturation process, getting them well-trained and combat ready. Garlic has been an integral part of folk medicine for thousands of years. Even without the benefit of science, they knew that powerful nutrients were contained within. Back to modern times, one recent study found that those who consumed garlic supplements regularly endured fewer colds. Shoot for a clove per day. Some people like it diced and served raw on salads, sandwiches, or sprinkled in soups. Others prefer it cooked within sauces or dishes. Garlic is great for the blood and cardiovascular system, too.

There are people who absolutely love kiwis. Don’t eat too many or they may have you running to the bathroom. But they are uber healthy for you. Kiwis are jam packed with vitamin-E, a super nutrient that does everything from improving your skin to empowering the immune system. They also contain lots of vitamin-C. Spinach is the commandant of superfoods.  It has vitamins A, C, E, K, and the minerals iron and copper. These are all essential to proper immune system health. Eat the right foods this winter and stay in tip-top shape all season and year round.


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