Drinks that Soothe Away Holiday Stress


What’s more stressful than the holiday season? Not much. After all there’s the shopping, the cooking, planning, cards, gifts and even family members to deal with, all on top of your regular duties. The holidays, instead of being a blessed time of year, can make you want to pack a suitcase and head for the coast. When you get to feeling like this, take a deep breath and step back from the situation. Put things in perspective. Are they really that bad? You got through it last year, though perhaps just barely. This year why not keep things real, delegate, let those around you chip in and take part?

When the family starts to get to you, remind them of the spirit of the season. But when that holiday stress starts creeping up on you, here are some soothing drinks that can melt away that stress and help you gain perspective. For some, it’s so elemental. If you eat dairy why not try a glass of warm milk? It contains tryptophan, the same element that makes you sleepy after eating turkey. Opt for milk from grass fed cows as it contains more nutrients. If you can find one that is antibiotic and hormone free, even better.

Much has been written about the healthful miracle beverage that is green tea. But few people know that it also contains theanine which has a calming effect on the body. Try it with some honey and lemon, and perhaps some peppermint. Chamomile can relax you, even put you to sleep. Nothing takes the stress away like a little nap. Do you like juicing? Why not make a veggie shake? A lack of vitamins and vital nutrients can cause one to become irritable. What’s more, certain nutrients, vitamin-C for example helps the body adjust and control cortisol—the stress hormone.

Do you like chocolate? Who doesn’t? A little hot cocoa can smooth away your worries. Opt for rich, dark chocolate if you can. Studies have shown that it can reduce cortisol levels as well. Not only that, it’s good for your heart and has antioxidants too. Use a good quality cocoa powder so you get the most benefit. Be sure not to overdo it with sugar. Instead add honey, cinnamon, milk or a nondairy milk substitute such as almond milk. A spike in blood sugar may counteract the soothing effect you want to experience. Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate. It may sound simple, but when you are dehydrated you can feel lethargic, irritable and can lose it quickly. A little lemon added to your H2O can not only clean out your system, but add a little vitamin-C and zing. With a beverage in your hand, survey the situation and realize it isn’t so bad. In fact, you may just enjoy yourself this year. Keep that suitcase as a backup though.


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