Foods to Try in the New Year


Every health conscious foodie wants to get a jump on the New Year, and impress their friends on the coming trends at the New Year’s Eve party. To get the inside scoop of what foods will be “in” in 2015, Look no further. Here are some great choices to try and let your friends know about to preserve your place as the food expert, with all the insider information. If you haven’t already, try these in the New Year. Everyone knows about the significant health benefits derived from drinking green tea. But have you heard of Matcha tea? This is green tea in powder form. Instead of drinking a diluted and brewed tea, this form uses the actual tea leaves. Not only are you absorbing more nutrients and antioxidants, you get healthful chlorophyll too. Drink it without milk, as one study found adding it decreased the amount of antioxidants within the tea. If you’ve visited any trendy restaurants anywhere in the country, you are likely to have seen broccoli sprouts on the menu. They look much like bean sprouts. But these contain the enzyme myrosinase, which boosts the potent anti-cancer fighting compound sulforaphane, also found within. Add them in with broccoli and you’ll increase your intake of sulforaphane 50%, according to one study.

Have you ever wondered what a marriage between two of the healthiest vegetables, Brussel sprouts and kale would be like? Wonder no more. Enter kalettes, also known as lollipop kale and Brussel Kale. Brainchild of a British seed company, these look like Brussel sprouts, taste like kale and according to the manufacturer, embody the health benefits of both. The Today Show said they were “the brangelina of vegetables” and the Centers for Science in the Public Interest hailed them as the new “in” food. Plantains have seen a strong showing on menus for the last year and a half, and their presence will remain strong. They are high in vitamin-A and C, potassium and fiber. Umeboshi paste is something new to us, but not to the Japanese. This is a great salt substitute. It has some salt in it, but the flavor is so strong that just a little dab will do you. Look for the kind without preservatives or additives. This fermented, picked plum sauce is great as a dip or seasoning. One study found that it helped prevent cancer. Laud your food knowledge over your friends this New Year’s Eve. They may or may not thank you for it.


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