Savvy Ways to get Gluten Out of your Life


Some can’t digest it, and others worry about the health effects. If you have celiac disease, or just think it’s healthier to lessen, or even eliminate gluten from your diet, never fear, there are easy, delicious, healthful ways to do so, without annihilating your food budget. The thing about gluten is, it is in so many of our favorite foods, and mostly processed foods. You can look at it as a downer, sure. Or you can see it as a challenge. Change your mindset. Instead of focusing on what you can’t have, think about all the delicious things you can have, and focus on those. In fact, this new outlook may have you appreciating some of your favorite foods that much more. For instance, breakfast can be hard. If you like toast, it’s a total buzzkill. There are some gluten free breads on the market, but they tend to be expensive. Instead, why not shoot for a hot breakfast three days per week? Have some eggs. They carry every major nutrient and omega-3s. Everyone has a favorite type.

If you like granola and yogurt, select the gluten-free variety of that crunchy grain and you’re all set. Muesli works well too. Here’s a recipe for lentil granola: If you are feeling a little naughty, this chocolate variety will make your sweet tooth sing: Quinoa has come to the forefront as the go-to grain for gluten-free types. It’s been used to replace pasta and risotto, for instance. But it usually only inhabits lunch and dinner dishes. Why not make a quinoa oatmeal? You pretty much make it the same way, and dress it up the same, with brown sugar and cinnamon, honey, fresh fruit and nuts, whatever you fancy. For lunch, instead of making a sandwich try lettuce leaf wraps. You can make an Asian-style filling the night before and heat it up in the microwave that day. Another idea, make a sandwich but use lettuce instead of bread. A big salad can be a treat. Make sure you include a protein such as turkey, ham, tuna, or garbanzo beans. Make it colorful. You can add a little cheese for flavor. Try different salad dressings. But don’t overload the week with salads, or else you’ll get tired of them. Make sure the dressings are gluten-free, or whip up your own.

For dinner, try vegetable pasta such as spaghetti squash, carrot spaghetti, or zucchini fettuccini. You just shave these with your vegetable peeler. Make each into the shape of a strand of spaghetti. Then boil them until tender and top with your favorite sauce. If you like breading and frying meats, or shake and bake, replace the breadcrumbs with almond flour. You will be overjoyed at the abundance of flavor. If you get creative and do your homework, you can make lots of delicious, healthful, gluten-free recipes that you will love.


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