So-called “Natural” Foods

Naked Juice

Those focused on only consuming natural foods must be ever vigilant. Companies’ need for profit often trumps forthrightness, and the consumer loses out. Even the most careful can be fooled. There are some so-called healthy choices out there that claim they are natural, but aren’t at all. Everyone seems to love Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, especially young children. But even though they list their ingredients as “all natural,” the company uses GMOs. Lisa Leo was one such consumer fooled by the packaging. Utilizing Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, she is suing for $5 million. Even the healthiest of eaters gets a craving for junk food once in a while. Dieticians say it’s better to cheat a little then to lose your diet completely, or binge. To combat cravings, we usually try to choose an alternative that is not too bad for us. Frito-Lay claims that it’s Sun Chips and Tostitos brands are “all natural.” But they also contain oils made from genetically modified vegetables. Keep that in mind next time you are in the convenience store, and get a hankering for chips. Do you shop at Safeway? Their home style and multigrain waffles claim to be,”100 percent natural.” But plaintiff Ryan Richards claims in his lawsuit, “Safeway engaged in the unfair, unlawful, deceptive, and fraudulent practice of describing and falsely advertising the products listed heretofore in this complaint as ‘100 percent Natural’ when, in fact, they contain the synthetic chemical ingredient.” An odorless powder that takes the feathers off chickens and hair from hogs is contained within, claims Richards.

You can find Naked Juice in supermarkets and convenience stores all across the land. PepsiCo’s supposed “all natural” line claims it is made with “only the freshest, purest stuff in the world.” The truth is there are a lot of synthetic ingredients including calcium pantothenate, derived from formaldehyde.  In April, the company was hit with a lawsuit over all the sugar packed into these drinks, which the company claims come from “evaporated cane juice.” Trader Joe’s is a place that touts itself as a purveyor of all things natural. But don’t let your guard down when shopping there. Their own brands may not be as organic as they seem. California plaintiffs recently hit the upscale chain with a suit claiming “Misbranded Food Products.” Trader Joe’s also hides a lot of the sugar in them which it labels as “evaporated cane juice” or “organic cane juice.” If something is sweet, just remember there is no such thing as a healthful sweetener. Only honey comes close. Truvia claims to be “Nature’s calorie-free sweetener.” But it has once again showed us that such claims are too good to be true. Manufacturer Cargill Inc. in September doled out $5 million to consumers for false advertising. Though the company markets the sweetener as “from the stevia leaf,” it isn’t any healthier than table sugar. It always pays to do your research, and stay on top of the latest data before purchasing items that calls themselves “natural.”


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