What Is the Right Exercise Program for You?


To maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are many tips that need to be followed.  From following a diet that supports eating in moderation to getting enough exercise, a woman’s overall happiness in life will be largely influenced by her ability to make wise choices.  The exact type of exercise routine a woman will need to follow is based on her goals.  Here’s a quick look at different workout regimens and the goals they can help a woman achieve.

Cardiovascular exercise

If a woman is looking to improve her physical endurance, as well as her personal stamina, then cardio training is essential.  An excellent way to begin a cardio routine is by walking one mile.  As stamina is increased, a person can begin jogging.  20 minutes of cardio exercise three times a week can help a woman lose weight, reduce health risks and improve the immune system. Aerobic training is a form of cardio exercise and it is renowned for improving a person’s quality of life.

Strength and resistance training

Improving muscle and bone strength comes via an assortment of strength and resistance training.  It is imperative that a person not begin this type of training without the help and advice of a professional trainer.  The training itself will involve lifting weights and using various forms of exercise equipment.  Strength training can be used to tone up any part of the body, including the arms, abs and lower body.

Balance/core workouts

Balance/core workouts have four main ways at improving the body:

  • Transfer energy
  • Control movements
  • Improve body movements
  • Shift body weight

With a strong core, a woman can enjoy reduced back pain, enhanced athletic performance and improved posture.

Flexibility exercise

When looking to improve one’s flexibility, flexibility exercises will be of the utmost benefit.  These exercises tend to be slow paced, with the goal being to stretch the muscles to become more flexible.  Dancers and athletes tend to favor flexibility exercises.

The Takeaway

Staying in shape doesn’t mean you have to hit up the gym for two hours each day of the week.  In fact, by using an in-home treadmill or by taking a quick walk in a local park three times a week, you can be well on your way to staying fit and healthy.


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