Can Drinking Alcohol Really Help You Lose Weight?


According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a study conducted in 2012 found that over 50 percent of adults were regular drinkers (having at least 12 drinks within the past 12 months).  About 17 million of these people had an alcohol use disorder.  For those who are addicted to alcohol, it is imperative that treatment be sought as soon as possible.  The winding road of addiction is often one that is scary and causes a person to lose just about everything, sometimes even life itself.

But for all the others who don’t care to dance around with alcohol, studies are confirming that contrary to many people’s beliefs, alcohol can actually help a person lose weight.

Understanding Alcohol In the Body

When a person consumes alcohol, part of it gets absorbed through the stomach lining and enters into the bloodstream (bringing on the effects of an alcohol buzz).  The other parts of the drink — carbs, sugar and ethanol — are digested and/or routed to the liver.  The body tries to burn off as much of the alcohol as possible, but what it doesn’t burn off ends up getting stored as fat.  Here’s the good news though.  The Archives of Internal Medicine released a publishing stating “that women who had one or two alcoholic drinks a day were actually less likely to gain weight than those who shunned the sauce. And they did it while consuming more calories overall (from food and drink) than both heavy drinkers and teetotalers.”

How could it be that drinking alcohol on a daily basis could actually help a person lose weight?  The answer is simple: moderation and adaptation.  Those who drink on a daily basis will have bodies that adapt to their drinking habits.  Downing 10 shots of whiskey every night probably isn’t going to result in weight loss, but it very well may not result in weight gain either.  For those who drink one to two drinks each night — glass or two of red wine with dinner — weight loss may take place.

It’s imperative to keep in mind that being a weekend drinker doesn’t qualify a person for the benefits of alcohol and weight loss.  To reap these benefits, daily or every other day drinking needs to take place; this way the body can adapt.

Furthermore, it’s pertinent to drink the right type of alcohol.  Having two margaritas every night that are overloaded with sugar and carbs probably won’t help you lose weight.

Red wine and tequila on the other hand, are renowned for helping people maintain and lose weight.  In fact, sloshing back a shot of tequila before dinner can be immensely advantageous for your appetite because it contains a sugar known as agavina — and tequila serves as one of the only ways to consume agavina.  This sugar “promotes feelings of fullness and reduces appetite.”  Moreso, research shows agavina serves as a valuable aid for diabetics.

Are you on a mission to lose weight?  If so, you might want to rethink your traditional thoughts on alcohol.  You may even find that having a shot or two each evening after work is the one thing you need to do to successfully kick off your weight loss endeavors.  Do keep in mind, though, that alcohol is addictive.  If you feel that you struggle with an addiction to alcohol, treatment is available, and it is highly advised that you find a different method for losing weight.


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