Going Through a Divorce: The Impact It has On Your Health


Going through a divorce or separation is often one of the worst circumstances that couples ever go through.  There’s often one party who wants to make things work, while the other one simply wants to walk away.  And then there are the couples who are both in favor of calling it quits.  No matter the exact details, a divorce nonetheless can have negative effects on a person’s health.

Here’s a quick look at six ways a divorce can be detrimental to your health.

A divorce definitely carries with it a lot of heartbreak, and it is literally bad for the heart as well.  In fact, your chances of suffering from heart disease are increased by 20 percent.  And according to the University of Utah, “it’s clear that the association of stress and heart health is stronger in women.”

Alexandra Williams has a degree in marriage and family counseling, and she states that increased stress is directly correlated with divorce.  This in itself leads to a compromised immune system, making both parties more susceptible to get sick.

Divorce is also accompanied with much grief.  This emotion often causes people to turn to food as a way to comfort themselves.  As a result, a person is likely to gain weight.  Some people turn away from food because they don’t have a healthy appetite, and this can lead to weight loss.

People going through a divorce tend to endure high levels of anxiety.  The University of Chicago found this leads to divorcees being 23 percent more likely to have mobility problems, such as difficulty climbing stairs or walking short distances.”

Viola Vaccarino, MD, PhD, told WebMD that “we can clearly say that people with depression are more likely to have a metabolic syndrome.”  And being that divorcees often go through intense periods of depression, developing a metabolic syndrome is almost inevitable.

For many people going through divorce, they develop secondary insomnia, meaning their sleepless nights are revolved around a life event.  And while the insomnia itself usually goes away on its own after enough time has passed, it’s still important to be cautious because it can become a long-term issue.

Tips for coping

To deter the negative effects that divorce has on the body, it is highly recommended that a divorcee get plenty of exercise as well as speak with a counselor if mental anguish becomes too severe.  It’s also important to be surrounded by people who are in support of the divorce.  Those who aren’t supportive will only worsen the situation.


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