Robotic Gastric Bypass Procedure: What are the Advantages?


According to a publishing made by the Journal of Robotic Surgery, it was discovered that using robotic assistance while performing a gastric bypass procedure would greatly reduce the risk a patient has of enduring major complications.  The most notable complication that was lessened was a gastrointestinal leak.  605 patients were analyzed during the study, including their operative times and the amount of time they had to spend in the hospital after their gastric bypass procedures were performed.

It has been established that a robotic gastric bypass surgery takes about 17 minutes longer to perform than a traditional — laparoscopic — procedure.  However, even though the length of the robotic surgery is slightly longer than its counterpart, a robotic procedure definitely comes with its advantages.

What exactly is a gastric bypass procedure?

Before delving into the benefits of a robotic procedure, it’s important to understand the ins-and-outs of a basic gastric bypass procedure.

To put it simply, during this type of surgery, a surgeon will go in and reduce the size of a patient’s stomach, thus meaning the patient will likely eat less, which results in massive weight loss.  And it’s not only the stomach that is altered, but the small intestine as well.  These modifications take place so that less calories will be absorbed in the body.

How does a robotic gastric bypass procedure beat a laparoscopic surgery?

When a gastric bypass procedure is taking place, the most pertinent process involved is making sure that the stomach and small bowel are able to implement effective communication techniques with one another.  In order to do this, the surgeon must hand sew the two together.  Being that limited visibility hinders the surgeon’s capability to perform this process to his or her utmost potential, robotics can be used to improve the effectiveness of any hand sewing that takes place.  Not only does this lead to optimal communication taking place between the stomach and small bowel, but it also reduces the risk of complication, especially gastrointestinal leakage.

The Takeaway

If you’re thinking about undergoing the knife and receiving a gastric bypass procedure, it is highly advised that you speak with a surgeon who has many years of experience in performing this exact type of surgery.  More importantly, you should consult a surgeon who is qualified to perform a robotic gastric bypass surgery.  The three main benefits to be gained are outlined below:

  • Enhanced weight loss results
  • Weight loss takes place quicker after surgery
  • You’re at a lesser risk for enduring complications

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