When You Run but You’re Not Losing Weight


Are you a runner who’s hit a wall on weight loss? Sometimes relying merely on running will do that. Other types of cardio have to be mixed in for maximum weight loss results. If you are doing the same workout routine with little variation, your body will get used to this, and over time it will be less effective. To get the most out of your workout you need to vary the types of exercises you do. Cycling, swimming, Pilates and more, there are so many choices. Try to incorporate weight or strength training into your regime. You will lose far more weigh this way and tone up. Try mixing up your running routine with some interval running. Mix in short, intense sprints with your long hauls. University of Western Ontario researchers recently found in a study that short but intense bursts of exercise burned twice as much fat as longer, less intense regimens.

Consider intense sprints or really high levels on exercise machines for shorter periods. If you push yourself at a much higher level for a short amount of time you will burn much more fat. Don’t focus on mere calories burned. You may gain more weight as you put on muscle over fat. But this is very healthy. And it won’t make you look like a body builder, unless you want to work up to that point. Instead, it will make you slim, trim and well-toned. Remember that running can be an essential part to your fitness routine. But it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do. And it can be what you maintain yourself with. But if your aim is to lose weight and burn fat, you have to consider including other elements into your routine, to have the best success. Don’t forget to include periods of rest into your regimen. If you overwork your body your results will be an injury or bed rest, and your weight loss goals will be postponed. Eating right is of course essential. When you hit a wall, mix it up and you will see results again.


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