Gluten-free Thanksgiving Ideas


A gluten-free Thanksgiving is not all that difficult. The Turkey and vegetable side dishes are usually okay, though it pays to check with your relatives to see what exactly is in the string bean casserole, and so on. Still, it’s generally the stuffing, breads, desserts and so on that are the sticking points. For stuffing, find a gluten-free bread recipe like this one: Or pick some up and use it to make your own stuffing. Lots of supermarket bakery departments today also carry gluten-free desserts that can satisfy your sweet tooth, and not leave you feeling left out. Usually, families are hooked on their own food traditions. It may be high time to add new sides to those traditions, or just tweak the family favorites. In the South grits are a given. That’s why this cheesy grits casserole can give a warm, Southern touch to your family table. Check out the recipe here: Green bean casserole is a perennial turkey day favorite. Here’s a different kind that adds an exotic Thai twist. Try green bean casserole with peanuts and red curry: With coconut milk and red curry paste, what’s not to love?

Maple glazed carrots are a fine side that everyone is sure to love: For many families, it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without a healthy serving of candied yams. But for a gluten-free option that is fancy and delicious, try five-spice glazed sweet potatoes topped with a walnut toffee: Roasted beats with orange and crème fraîche dressing is rich, colorful, and delightful as a side. It sure looks great on the table. Find it here: For dessert if you want to make your own and skip the bakery aisle, there are some exquisite choices that can be delectable sans gluten. Who isn’t simply mad about macaroons? Try this chewy almond variety: On Thanksgiving everyone wants a slice of pie. If you are no different, here is a gluten-free pie crust recipe: For one of our most cherished of holidays, you don’t have to miss out you just have to make it your own.


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