Fight Allergies with Honey


Bees have captured our imaginations for millennia. Poems have incorporated them. Our metaphor for “the talk” is nicknamed telling someone about the birds and the bees. Physicists continue to study its structure. According to the laws of aerodynamics a honey bee isn’t supposed to be able to fly. Yet it does. But bees aren’t just incredible to watch, poeticize or study. They help pollinate the majority of the plants we use. Our food supply, the plants we use to make clothes out of, and the flowers we enjoy in bouquets and on our tables were most likely all pollinized by bees. And then there’s honey, not only a delicious and nutritious food but an allergy fighter as well. If you have seasonal allergies you aren’t alone. Allergic rhinitis or hay fever as it’s called affects 36 million Americans according to the FDA. There are medicines, even over the counter ones called antihistamines. But these have side effects including dry nose, drowsiness, and other negative side effects. Honey is a great natural alternative. But how can you fight allergies with honey?

It’s important to note that there are no current peer reviewed studies on the subject. However, so many anecdotal cases, people swearing that honey helped them decrease and manage their seasonal allergy symptoms, that it’s worth discussing. Those who support honey’s allergy altering affects take a supplement every day. Some believe it helps because it works like an immunization. The bees are on flowers and other plants all day. This is passed on into the honey you eat, inoculating you in a sense from your allergens. Practitioners say that using local honey is best, as this will get your body used to the particular kind of plants that are around. Farmer’s markets, upscale supermarkets and specialty food stores all have local honey for sale. Why not try honey as a remedy for your allergies?


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