The Dukan Diet


What do the French, model Giselle and Jennifer Lopez all have in common? The Dukan diet, a program that has been very popular in France for years and that helped Lopez and Giselle lose those post baby pounds. This diet is named after Pierre Dukan a physician who created it over a decade ago to help the obese lose weight. This is a low calorie, high protein diet. There are four phases. You don’t weigh food here and there is no calorie counting. Eat your fill day or night, as long as in the first stage you are eating protein that’s lean. Protein is the central component in this diet. Other important elements are staying hydrated, eating lots of oat bran, and a daily twenty minute walk. Small amounts of whole grains and fruit are allowed in the second stage. This diet is much like the Atkins diet. But dieters on Dukan say it’s easier to stick to. It is said that you can lose one to two pounds per day. Hunger disappears by the third day, practitioner’s state. The drawbacks can be constipation, bad breath, fatigue and dry mouth, due to a lack of carbs.

The first stage is called the attack phase. Eat as much lean protein as you like. Accompany with one and a half liters of water and one and a half tablespoons of oat bran per day. There are 72 choices of protein including fish, poultry, soy, eggs, lamb and pork, even nonfat dairy. In the next stage, the cruise stage, you can eat as many vegetables per day, 28 of them, excluding starch. You can still eat all the protein you want. The oat bran supplement stays.  In the third stage, named consolidation, you can add one piece of fruit, as long as it’s low in sugar. One serving of hard cheese and two slices of whole grain bread are put on the menu. One to two servings of starch can be added to meals. You should then commit for the rest of your life to eating only protein once a week. It’s recommended that this take place on the same day per week. Finally, the last stage, named stabilization is when you decide to maintain this plan in your life. Remember to include the 20 minute daily walk. Dieters are also told to shun escalators and elevators and instead take the stairs.


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