The OMG Diet


Venice A. Fulton, a British actor and personal trainer has come up with a diet and accompanying book that has shook up the dieting world and has loads of people talking about if it works, it’s effectiveness and the ramifications on one’s health. The title of his book is Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends. Fulton, whose real name is Paul Khanna began selling his book in e-book form on Apple iPhones. It caught on like wildfire. The diet states that you can lose twenty pounds in six weeks just following Fulton’s advice. But many of them are bizarre and extreme. Don’t eat any carbs bigger than your smart phone. Take a cold bath. Don’t eat breakfast. Blow up balloons. Take your coffee black. Fulton does have a degree in sports science. He believes this new approach is based on recent research, and that older diets aren’t in tune with the latest findings of the medical establishment.

Critics argue that Fulton’s book proposes an unhealthful regimen targeted at teen girls and young women, praying on their self-esteem and body image issues to sell his book. The liberal use of exclamation points, slang, and the use of OMG in the title is a testament to that, they claim. Fulton counters that he has twenty pages of peer reviewed sources. The idea for this diet is that people eat too much too often. The diet then uses the body’s own stores of fat for energy. For this diet you take a cold bath in the morning, which encourages the body to use up its fat stores. Skipping breakfast also accomplishes this. Skip snacks and eat three meals per day, lunch, a midafternoon meal and dinner. Move and exercise. Intensity doesn’t matter. That’s for getting fit. To burn fat, in this view, move in the morning and exercise three hours before mealtimes as it will burn more fat. Two cups of black coffee in the morning helps move fat into the system where it can be burned by your movement. Eating fewer than 120 grams of non-veggie carbs per day is also essential to this diet.


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