Things you didn’t consider are making you Sick


Do you live a healthy lifestyle yet get sick more often than you feel you should? Perhaps there are things you aren’t considering that are making you sick. For instance, did you eat a good breakfast? 60% of the antibodies in our bodies reside in our digestive system. It’s important to keep that system healthy. Try fresh fruit, hardboiled eggs, oatmeal, any of these and more will keep your system in tiptop shape, but they aren’t too time consuming. Yogurt is a great addition to any breakfast. It contains probiotics which help keep the digestive system operating properly. Another way we hurt ourselves is overreacting. Sure, there are stressors in our life. But stress makes us unhealthy, and lowers the immune system making it more likely you will get sick. Instead of amping up your frustration tone it down.

Not exercising can be a factor. Exercise is important to anyone’s lifestyle. Studies have shown that exercise helps the body fend off viral and bacterial infections. Exercise clears bacteria from the lungs, lessening your chances of an upper respiratory infection. It also may help white blood cells and antibodies move through the body. Wash your hands and disinfect germ infested surfaces like door knobs, keyboards, TV remotes and others. Don’t touch your mouth or nose too much. And wash your hands regularly. Touching your face can be an unconscious thing. But most flu infections are caused in this manner. Now remember to not be paranoid about germs and getting sick. That’s a vicious cycle. It will cause you stress, increasing your chances of getting sick. Instead, put in systems to clean every so often, wash your hands every so often, to exercise regularly and eat breakfast. Also to distress and you will lead a healthy, happy and sickness free lifestyle anyone would envy.


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