Things that make you Hungry when you’re not


You would think your body and brain had your best intention at heart. Usually people say to listen to your body and this is true. But sometimes these two conspire against you. When? When it comes to hunger. You see our bodies and brains trick us into thinking we are hungry when we’re not. Did you sleep enough last night? Not enough sleep is associated with the hormone ghrelin which makes you feel hungry. The sleepy often have cravings for high calorie food, or carbs which isn’t good news for your waistline. You are at a higher risk for obesity if you are sleep deprived. So dial down in the evening hours and make sure you get enough sleep. Ladies get cravings as part of PMS, with the buildup of progesterone in their bodies. Psychology Today reported that even animals have an over-eating pattern in the lead up to menstruation, so it’s totally natural. Just make sure you’re grabbing a healthy choice, not junk food.

Not eating a good breakfast can throw off your whole day. A recent study found that those who ate enough protein during breakfast were less likely to eat fattening foods later in the day. Not eating enough fat or fiber in the morning can make you hungry later on, too. Eggs, peanut butter and oatmeal are all good breakfast solutions. If you are grabbing a piece of fruit on the go, have a healthy snack about mid-morning. That should last you until lunch. Certain medications can stimulate your appetite. Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you’ve started taking something and find you are ravenously hungry. Many people who consume a lot of diet soda may feel hungry more readily. Cut back on artificial sweeteners, or cut them out altogether. Sometimes you feel hungry when you are just thirsty. Have some water if you feel hungry during a strange part of the day. Stress and even boredom can be translated into hunger. Evaluate your emotional level before grabbing that snack.


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