The Goals of a Holistic Diet


Many people just eat whatever they want, hardly giving a second thought to what may be entering their bodies. Those who are semi-health conscious exercise, count calories, and eat balanced meals, but rarely go beyond that. Eating a holistic diet, however, changes your mindset completely. This is a way to increase energy, give the body all the nutrients it needs, and stave off chronic disease.

There are several goals of a holistic diet, including moderation, balance, good digestion, and an adequate supply of the proper nutrients. This provides the platform needed to help achieve lifelong physical and emotional wellbeing. One shortcoming, practitioners often see this kind of diet as one-size-fits-all, but individuals are unique and have different cultural, historical, and personal eating habits and backgrounds. So a well-constructed holistic menu that works for one person may not necessarily fit another’s needs. The American Holistic Health Association recognizes this. They advocate for an individualized plan which takes each individuals emotional, nutritional, physical, and spiritual needs into consideration.

Whatever the concern, it is pivotal in this diet to eat whole, natural foods, and avoid processed ones. Nutritionists point out it is important to eat a wide variety of foods to achieve balance. These include macronutrients such as protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Holistic practitioners look for foods that are easy to digest. Warm foods, for instance, are gentler on the GI tract than cold ones, and so easier on the body. Cold foods are avoided or limited. Another recommendation, food needs to be chewed well before swallowing. Probiotic foods such as yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi are highly sought after.

Making the right choices in your diet will keep you healthy, allow you to age well, and keep you operating at your best. As officials at the World Health Organization put it, “Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being.”


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