Giving Into Your Sweet Cravings the Healthy Way

Giving Into Your Sweet Cravings the Healthy Way

Some people struggle with their weight for their entire lives.  And then for others, the putting-on-a-few-extra-pounds phase doesn’t start until they get a bit older.  No matter the category that you fall into, there’s good news.  By eating in moderation, you can maintain, and possibly lose, weight.  Best of all, you can still delight yourself with enticing food items, including lots of desserts.

Here’s a quick guide to a few tips that are sure to knock the socks off your taste buds, while at the same time keeping your waist slim.

  • Get rid of the canola oil in your baked goods

Canola oil is packed with calories and fat, but it’s almost always necessary in terms of cooking sweet baked goods.  Fortunately, by switching out canola oil with pure virgin coconut oil, you can be well on your way to having sweet treats that aren’t as fattening.

  • Replace sugar with yogurt or applesauce 

Most sweeteners, especially sugar, are extremely calorie dense.  There is a way, though, to provide your recipes with the sugar they need without actually adding sugar, and it comes in the form of yogurt or egg whites.  Some people even use applesauce as a substitute for sugar.  All of these provide the same texture to your dishes without adding in a ton of fat.

  • It’s time to substitute heavy creams

If you like puddings and other types of cream, then you’re probably well aware of how unhealthy they are, especially the ones that are overloaded with heavy creams.  On the bright side, by substituting the heavy creams with avocados or “the soft meat from young Thai coconuts,” you can have your favorite treats without the guilt. And if you feel the need to top your puddings with whipped cream, at least substitute it with Greek yogurt.

  • Throw out the Halloween candy for the real stuff

Processed candies are full of calories and fats.  If you make your own candy, though, you can use ingredients that make them less harsh on your body.  When it comes to chocolate, always opt for the darkest of the darkest.  And most importantly, moderate the amount of candy that you allow yourself to eat.  After all, 10 M&Ms is a whole lot better than 50, and a fourth of a Hershey’s bar is much better than the whole thing.

  • Learn to top your cakes in a different way

Cakes are tasty, and some of them, when made the right way, are even somewhat healthy, but the frosting is where the problem comes into the picture.  The next time you bake a cake, make sure to skip the sugary frosting and replace it with a vanilla cream made from organic cashews combined with young coconut.  It very well may become your new favorite type of icing.

The Takeaway

Eating healthy and in moderation doesn’t mean you have to give up your sweet cravings.  Instead, learn to cut little pieces of cake, make your brownies smaller, and replace certain high-calorie ingredients with healthy alternatives.


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